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Choosing a Real Estate Agent in Paradise Valley & Scottsdale

Buying or selling a property is a big decision; it requires time, commitment, and expertise. Searching for or selling a home in the Paradise Valley/Scottsdale area has a unique set of considerations that current or potential homeowners may not be aware of. Real estate in the Paradise Valley/Scottsdale area is highly coveted and is generally sold at a higher price than other areas in the Valley of the Sun. Hiring a real estate agent can help prospective owners or sellers navigate the home purchasing or selling process in these high-end communities.

The first step in choosing a real estate agent is doing research. Create a list of potential real estate agents; take suggestions from the Internet, the yellow pages, and people you know.

The second step requires speaking with the potential real estate agent over the phone or in person. Some general questions that everyone should ask a potential real estate agent include: Does the agent work in real estate full time? Do they hold professional designations? Do they have a partner or associate who works with them? How many buyers have they helped buy or sell a home in the past year? How well do they know the homes in your preferred area? What about homes in your price range? Asking these questions will help you choose the right real estate agent for your needs.

The manner in which the prospective real estate agent responds to your inquiries, however, is just as important as their answer. Pay attention to their listening skills. Are they responsive to your questions? Do they seem to understand your needs and preferences? Will you feel comfortable communicating with this person on a regular basis? While it takes time to build trust with any new relationship, asking important questions like these will help speed up the process.

Finding an experienced real estate agent who has worked in the Paradise Valley/Scottsdale area is the first step in helping you sell or find your next home.